Adventure Resource Solutions

Our People

As people who had lived with our experiences will take the time to make sure services are being provided based on the needs or concerns relating the person. We hope to connect, understand and relate to the people going through challenges with life. We are going to take the time to be supportive and be customized to our people.

Our Community

Our community is very important to feel safe, comfortable and connected. As people in the community, we hope to bring other members together as a whole. Knowing that you have a place to go to and making sure we are taking care of each other, we can be a lot more for others then ourselves.

Our Navigators

Our team of navigators is all about experiencing life for what it is, working as a team and we would like to be the change in our world to help others. We are going to be a team and work as a team including you as well. We have you here to teach us as we teach ourselves. It's all about listening, understanding and be supportive.

Our Organization

We are going to do everything that we can to make sure our organization stands for what's important and it's all about what's needed based on data from feedback and research. We are paying attention and doing what it takes. If we need to jump through red tape, hoops and struggles to make it possible. We will need do that because we care on what's important.