Adventure Resource Solutions

We are an private organization in education, advocacy, and coaching/navigation. 

Our Services

Navigation Hotline:

We are available anytime to answer any questions about our services or whoever may need assistance and support by phone.


  • We are able to legalize any documents
  • We may have witness available.

Community Navigation:

  • We bring awareness to our resources within our community and system concerns
  • We contact resources to develop a working relationship

One On One Navigation:

  • Our clients are assigned to a navigator/coach and all navigators are assigned to an advocate for support and oversight.
  • Our navigators/coaches will meet with our clients often or per their action plan.

Group Navigation:

  • We work with our peers to overcome our own challenges
  • General Support Group & SMI Community and Advocacy

Special Events:

  • We come together as a community to celebrate life,
  • We thrive on being present in the world while working hard to accomplish what's important. 

Future Ser​vices

Group Homes/Independent Living


Adventure Resource Solutions

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