Adventure Resource Solutions

We are an nonprofit organization in crisis management and education. 

Planning and Development Support Team

We come together as a team to brainstorm and to collaborate in the best interest of our organization.

We are registered with the state of Arizona.  We have applied for our 501C3 status and we are waiting for approval. Our Planning and Development Support Team are meeting often and discussing the next steps on how to proceed. 

We have started our organization as a hotline in 2009 located in Logan, Utah. We have continued with the hotline and we have started meeting with clients in November 2014 located in Mesa, Arizona. We have had up to 250/300 clients from 2014 until 2020. As we were working with clients, we have been collecting data on the needs of our clients and that has allowed us to understand how to build our organization.

Adventure Resource Solutions

2009 - 2021 Copyright/Trademarked (Pending) - 501C3 Nonprofit organization

Adventure Resource Solutions

2009 - 2021 Copyright/Trademarked  Pending 501C3 Nonprofit organization