Adventure Resource Solutions

Joshua Bangle

My name is Joshua Bangle. I was born in Deer Valley and raised throughout Phoenix areas. I spent most of my childhood in Buckeye, Arizona. I enjoy the peace and quiet while in the middle of nowhere.

I work as a President for Adventure Resource Solutions. I've started this company in 2009 as a hotline where people can call to talk to someone as needed. I had a client reached out to me asking if they could meet with me and from November 2014 to 2020, we had up to 400 clients who I had interacted with and still may have continued interactions.

I want people to know they aren't alone in this world. I'm willing to go above and beyond to help anyone who's in need of support and assistance of any kind. It doesn't matter what you're going through and what you are dealing with. This company is here for you, please reach out and we'll be happy to help in anyway we can. 

Since 2020, I've been working on the administration and establishing Adventure Resource Solutions to allow us to connect with as many people as we can. There's so much I want to do and I'm trying to it all on my own. I care about you and your well being. 

I want to be out there in our world of ours, to make a difference and impact on people's lives in a positive way. 

I work as a Respite Provider for Foster Care, Respite and Habilitation Provider for Developmental Disabilities (DDD), a notary with the state of Arizona and I'm also registered with Rover. 

Adventure Resource Solutions