Adventure Resource Solutions

I have officially started my journey back when I was 19 years old and I went to Logan, Utah. That was the best decision I have ever made in my life and with every decision afterwards. I have a person in my life who has been a mentor to me and she was there for me every step of the way of the life I was creating for myself as I have decided to live in Logan, Utah. I had no friends, family or a place called home. This is when I have started to create a life for myself. There are many aspects I am working on and my path has me creating and building this organization to what it is today.

The reason I am sharing my story with you is, to help you understand what types of walks of life there are, and there's always a way to get through to find a new journey. I have started this nonprofit organization in crisis management and education to help those who are in need of support, education, and coaching throughout the process to become a best version of ourselves and discover new pathways to self discovery.

About My Background

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona. I was raised mostly in Buckeye and other parts of Arizona. I have lived in Texas and Utah for one or two years. I wish I had a childhood home to be raised in but instead, I was raised in our awesome system without any kind of support throughout the process.

I am who I am. I’m focusing on what’s important to me. I have learned how to raise myself and I’m still finding my way of how to make things happen for myself. I’m going to live my life with or without you and either support me or stay out of my way. I may or may not speak my mind and how I feel. Don’t expect me to open an door, trust is earned and it doesn’t matter who you are. I’m going to do what it takes to stay within my boundaries to protect myself.

About My Family Background

I never knew my dad and he was never around as I was growing up. I’m sure there’s reasons why and I haven’t found them yet. Between him being in Tucson somewhere and his family in Utah, I don’t know where he would be at.

I have chosen to walk away and disconnect from my birth mother. She isn’t a person meant to be in my life and it’s her loss. I’m happy without her in my life but I am grateful to be here because I wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for her. It's sad, I will keep her in my thoughts.

There are three of us kids. We all have the same birth mother but all different dads. They were never married. I have a brother who’s older then me and lives back home between Georgia and North Carolina. I barely know him growing up and now. I have a sister who’s younger between my brother and myself which she lives in East Valley in Maricopa County of Arizona. We both wished for better life’s and been exposed to families who are better then our own. I have learned to work with what I have.

I will make contact with family as much as I can. There are times where it's good and it's not so good. The times where it's not so good is when I find out information about different aspects of the family, it becomes a lot to process and understand why the family, are the way they are. It appears as if I may want to keep limited contact and come around as I am ready to handle being part of the family in which I have had either no or very limited interaction as I was growing up. It's a process, but I am doing what I can which is the important part here. I'm glad that I have discovered what I have this far. It has allowed me to understand way more, then I thought I ever would.

About My People

I am creating relationships with people who will be important to me and who will support my path. I am all about healthy and positive interactions with people. I will do everything that I can to be a support and be of assistance for others as I choose. I am all about connecting and finding an understanding with others.

About My Outlook

I have learned to take the impossible and try my best to make it possible for myself. I have been dealt some cards and will continue to take the cards that are being dealt my way because it's making me who I am today which is a best version of myself. I am proud to say who I am becoming today. I am very creative and willing to learn what I can. If I have to do it again, I would. If I can be here after what I have been through, you can get through this as well.

And More...

  • I will treat others on how I want to be treated.
  • I will work on myself before helping anyone else.