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New Referral

If you're an active client or a member of our community navigation directory. We ask all active clients or members to refer any new clients to us when interested in showed in our services and navigation.

New Client Request

If you're a positional client interested in our services and navigation. We ask all new clients to make a request to be contacted for an interview for our services and navigation.


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We allow you to access any necessary forms.

We have newsletters to inform you what's happening and what's in progress.

We can alert you of any related information and updates for your everyday awareness.

If you want to donate any money to us, all money donated will be placed to further our services and navigation. I hope you understand we aren't a 501C3 yet which means any donations made at this time aren't tax delectable. If you're interested in donating when we are a 501C3, please contact Joshua to ask him to notlify you when we have our 501C3 status by visiting our Contact Us page.