Adventure Resource Solutions

We are an private organization in education, advocacy, and coaching/navigation. 

Our mission

We are creating a platform defined by the individual within dimensions of wellness. Navigating to accomplish their goals while meeting their needs through essential services. Our focus encompasses support, education, advocating, coaching, as well as case management among other services based on the needs of the individual.

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Welcome Orientation

We are in the middle of creating a presentation to present to you about us and what we do.

We are offering a presentation to those who's interested providing their feedback based on the info being presented.

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Our Services

Navigation Hotline: 

We are available anytime to answer any questions about our services or whoever may need assistance and support by phone.

One On One Navigation:

We will assigned clients to navigators to meet with on a regular basis to meet and accomplish goals and needs.

Community Navigation: 

We may research and contact a variety of resources in our community. We collect contact and info about services to add to our database. We will host meetings to bring awareness to these businesses and answer any questions you may have. We may create surveys to allow us to understand about any type of barriers you may face.

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Our Intake Process

A new client referral can be submitted by a provider or a resource who a client requesting for us outreach to.

A new client request can submit their own request for those are seeking additional support and assistance. 

An acknowledgment will be sent to all parties explaining next steps on how to complete an intake. 

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If you're experience an immediate crisis, please call Crisis Response Network at (602) 222-9444.

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Contact Info

We are available Monday through Friday between 9am until 7pm. 

Office: (623) 866-5733

Fax: (623) 258-4714

Our mailing address:  PO Box 5023, Mesa, AZ 85211

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Adventure Resource Solutions

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