Adventure Resource Solutions

We are here to support, educate and coach to help navigate your everyday life.

By creating awareness, being an advocate and to be focused.

Why Us?

Our People

We offer our services to anyone at FREE OF CHARGE. We are focused on helping those that are wanting and needing assistance. If you are interested or if you know someone that may be interested in our services.

Here are some steps that we require before enrolling in our navigation and services:

  • If you are someone requesting assistance through our services and navigation,
  • If you are someone that are ages from 15 to 17 with parent/guardian consent or
  • If you are someone that are 18 years and older.

Our Community

We do everything we can to be available to different sources in our community for navigation and our services.

These are different examples who we connect with:

  • Communities in our city, public speakings, social media, videos,
  • Committees, City halls, forums, clinics
  • Hotlines, helplines, crisis mobile teams, outreach and contact centers,
  • Law enforcement, corrections, probation,
  • Hospital and urgent cares and more.

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Who We Are?

Our People

As people who had lived with our experiences will take the time to make sure services are being provided based on the needs or concerns relating the person. We hope to connect, understand and relate to the people going through challenges with life. We are going to take the time to be supportive and be customized to our people.

Our Community

It is very important to insure community is safe, comfortable and connected. Knowing that you have a place to go to and making sure we are taking care of each other, we can be a lot more for others then ourselves.

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What We Do?

Navigation Hotline

We are available during office hours by phone to address any matters that may arise.

One On One Navigation

We have a team of navigators to be available to be of support, education and navigation.

Community Navigation

We are all about bringing awareness and learning what type of businesses are in our community.

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Contact Us

 Our Virtual telephone

 (623) 866-5733

 Our Virtual fax

 (623) 258-4714

 Our Virutal mailing

 PO Box 5023 Mesa, AZ 85211

 Our Virtual office hours

 Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm (Arizona Time)

New Client Referrals/Requests

If you are interested in learning more about our intake process, please choose from one of the following options:



If you are an existing client and/or a resource member within our private directory, please submit a New Client Referral.

If you know a client or a resource member within our private directory, and has referred you to us, please submit a New Client Request.

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