Adventure Resource Solutions

We are an private organization in education, advocacy, and coaching/navigation. 

Our mission

We are creating a platform defined by the individual within dimensions of wellness. Navigating to accomplish their goals while meeting their needs through essential services. Our focus encompasses support, education, advocating, coaching, as well as case management among other services based on the needs of the individual.

Welcome Orientation

We are in the middle of creating a presentation to present to you about us and what we do.

We are offering a presentation to those who's interested providing their feedback based on the info being presented.

If you're interested in learning more about our organization, please contact Joshua Bangle by clicking here. 

Our Services

Navigation Hotline:

  • We are available during office hours Monday through Friday between 9am until 7pm (Arizona Time) for anyone who's seeking support, education, coaching, navigation within our self and our system.
  • We are available after hours in the event of a crisis support is needed or coordination with law enforcement or hospital personnel and a support team for our current clients and their support system.
  • For more information on our Navigation Hotline, please click here

Community Navigation (open to public):

  • We bring awareness to our resources within our community and system concerns
  • We contact resources to develop a working relationship
  • For more information on our Community Navigation, please click here
Mobile Notary (open to public):
  • We are able to legalize any documents
  • We may have witness available.
  • For more information on Mobile Notary, please click here.

If you want further information on what other services we offer, please click here.

Interested in becoming a team member?

We are seeking volunteers to become part of our navigation team who works with our clients and the public.

We are open to hearing any thoughts you may have on developing your own/program. 

Planning and Development Support Team

  • We come together as a team to brainstorm and to collaborate in the best interest of our organization.
  • For more information, please click here. 

Our Intake Process

We require a referral for any new clients within our network. 

We Don't Accept Self Referrals unless you have a support system.

If you are still interested in seeking services from our organization, we will need up to 3 references or more. 

  • For any new clients, please submit a New Client Request.
  • For any new clients with a resource referral, please submit a New Client Referral.
  • If you want more information on our intake process, please click here. 

Up to 4 visits and up to a hour or two each to define a working relationship to understand history, background and leading events to current.

Contact Us

We love to hear from you!

We are available Monday through Friday between 9am until 7pm (Arizona Time).

You may also schedule an appointment by using our online scheduling.

Adventure Resource Solutions

Office: (623) 866-5733

Fax: (623) 258-4714

Mailing: PO BOX 5023 Mesa, AZ 85211

If you would like more contact options such as send us a message or access our social media, please click here.

Adventure Resource Solutions

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