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We are creating a platform defined by the individual within dimensions of wellness. Navigating to accomplish their goals while meetings their needs through essential services. Our focus encompasses support, education, advocating, coaching, as well as case management among other services based on the needs of the individual.

Welcome to Orientation

We offer scheduled virtual presentations as a way for the public to gather information about who we are and what we do. 

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About our President

My name is Joshua Bangle. I was born in Deer Valley and raised throughout Phoenix areas. I spent most of my childhood in Buckeye, Arizona. I enjoy the peace and quiet while in the middle of nowhere. 

I work as a President for Adventure Resource Solutions. I've started this company in 2009 as a hotline where people can call to talk to someone as needed. I had a client reached out to me asking if they could meet with me and from November 2014 to 2020, we had up to 400 clients who I had interacted with and still may have continued interactions.

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About Our Approach

Please feel free to answer these following questions as a self-assessment to determine where you are at and how we can help you. 

We will be uploading an online form with these questions will be attached and you will be able to submit to our office to let us know how to pinpoint how to best help you navigate these true struggles. 


Do you like to meet people and socialize? 

Do you like to stay home and away from people? 


Do you feel alone and hopeless? 

Do you struggle on a daily basis? 

Do you live with a mental or medical disability? 

Do you think or feel like you might need some support and assistance to address any concerns related to your mental and medical wellbeing? 


Are you homeless? 

Have you ever been to any type of shelter? If so, what kind?  DV, short term placement? 


Are you currently employed and working? 

Do you enjoy and feel impacted by your employment? 

Are you often changing jobs within 6 months to a year timeframe? 

Do you feel like you have a purpose in your work? 

Do you have a resume? 

Do you have interview skills? 


Do you have a degree? If so, please list the degrees obtained? 

Does your degree match your career path? 


Are you able to set a monthly budget? 

Do you have a regular income? 

Do you worry about how you can afford your bills? 


Do you believe knowledge is power? 

Do you like learning new things on a daily basis? 

About Our Navigation Team


We meet clients where they are at and allow mental and emotional space to breath as we process and take the time to relax. 


We want to be known as a teaching style on how we gather information and provide direction. 


We will ask questions to gather insight and information to understand and then will provide options to allow clients make an informed choice towards their goals and needs. We will assist on removing any barriers to help move forward to accomplish what's important.


We may advocate for clients in the event they need assistance and support navigating on what to do in situation related to services/resources.  


We may contact and research resources and information related to a clients need or concern. 

Follow Up

We like to check in with our clients as a form to stay connected and be available to address any concerns/needs. 

Case Management

All interactions are documented for training and understanding the type of situations we came across. 

About Our Services

Navigation Hotline:

  • We are available during office hours to answer any questions about our services or whoever may need assistance and support by phone.
  • We may refer to other hotlines and helplines based on the situation.
  • We are available for urgent matters for our establish clients and their supports.

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One On One Navigation:

  • We will meet with our clients on a regular basis to work on accomplishing goals and needs.
  • We will assign all clients to a navigator as a point of contact.
  • We are able to meet with our clients anywhere a coffee shop, library, or in a clinical setting.

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Community Navigation:

  • We will conduct research on resources and companies.
  • We contact resources to develop a working relationship.
  • We bring awareness to resources in our community and discuss any concerns/barriers.
  • We create and maintain a database and network meetings.

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You are welcome to Contact Us!

Office for Navigation Team: (623) 866-5733

We are available Monday through Friday between 9am until 7pm (Arizona Time).

You may schedule an appointment using our online scheduling with our Navigation Team. 

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Planning and Development Support Team

Our planning and development support team are those who support our cause and what we are wanting to accomplish in our mission. It's a great way to build our community of professionals who would like to provide feedback on how to help us provide our foundation and origination. We would like to hear your feedback and gather as much as support to allow us to grow and help improve our system to help people. 

Board of Directors

We are pending our 501C3 status. We seeking board members. 

Community Information and Resources in Arizona

  • If you're experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or visit the nearest urgent care or hospital.

  • If you're experiencing an immediate behavioral health crisis, please call Crisis Response Network at (602) 222-9444.
  • If you want to text crisis counselor, you may text NAMI or HOME to 741741. 
  • If you're a teen and needing a Safe Place, you may text SAFE to 4HELP (44537) and more information
  • If you're seeking information and resources, please contact Arizona 211 at (877) 211-8661 or (you may dial 211 from your mobile).
  • If you're needing HIV insurance and services, you'll need to call Central Eligibility for an intake at (866) 716-3788. 
  • If you're a single male and homeless seeking housing, you may contact CASS Central Arizona Shelter Services at (602) 256-6945. 
  • If you're a family and homeless, you may call Family Housing Hub at (602) 595-8700 to be screened for housing options.
  • If you're in a domestic violence situation, you may contact (800) 799-7233 or an advocacy center near you.
  • If you need rental and utility assistance, you may apply for assistance at Emergency Rental Assistance Programs or call (833) 912-0878.
  • If you're seeking a discount on your Cox or Century Link account, you may qualify $50 dollar off and here's more info
  • If you're seeking employment, you may contact St. Joseph The Worker at (602) 417-9854.
  • If you need AHCCCS Medicaid insurance/services, food stamps and additional assistance, you may apply at Health-E-Arizona website.
  • If you feel your mental health is affecting your ability to focus on your everyday life, you may call Crisis Preparation and Recovery at (480) 804-0326 or Community Bridges Inc Path at (877) 931-9142/ (844) 691-5948 for an evaluation mental health services.  

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